Why create a garden library?

If your department, establishment, association already has a care garden or simply wishes to create one, think about creating a garden library at the same time!

In the following article we will see the interest of creating a garden library for the teams, the relatives and the direct beneficiaries of the care garden.

The need to learn

Interests of a "garden" library for patients

A library devoted to the garden is a way to get out of the routine, out of the place for a while.

Imagination is solicited, daydreaming is encouraged, forgetting for a brief moment the care, the condition, the disease through beautiful works on gardens, plants, trees. So many elements which intrinsically can only find resonance.  (Cf: biophily)

Like any library, this one can be a source of instruction. To learn is also to say: I am here, I am alive, I am thirsty for this life. I am a stakeholder and I feel « useful » in this society.

Understanding the living, its needs, its origins, its evolution, also allows us to include plants in the therapy process. It is to leave it its place as a third party caregiver.

Having a library garden invested by the patients, also allows to create, or to be reborn, the enthusiasm to create, to make do with it.

What difference does it make to the loved ones?

Owning a library garden, offers to the relatives of the patients :

  • the possibility of escaping for a moment when they have to wait (consultations, results, care in progress…).
  • the opportunity to create moments of exchange other than those usually focused on the pathology, its effects on daily life, the life of the department or the inconveniences, linked to the hospitalisation itself.
  • the opportunity to create memories, moments of escape with their sick loved one, despite the circumstances.
  • the opportunity to remember or project themselves into a past or future garden with their sick relative.
  • the opportunity to offer a positive image of their loved one. An image that is often degraded by illness or hospitalization, entry into an institution or society’s external view of the sick.

Most for the teams

In the same way as with natural caregivers, owning a garden library will allow exchanges, contact, a different view of the person who needs care, help, whether temporary or permanent.

Being exclusively in a caregiver/cared-for relationship allows us to put a little humanity back into daily practice, allows us to consider ourselves more as individuals.

In a more pragmatic way having a garden library can be inspiring for workshops, for the conception of the garden or part of the garden itself. The books can level, consolidate or validate certain knowledge about garden practices, whether horticultural or caring practices.

Icing on the cake

You will find in the coming months on this site a list of books that you could put in your garden library.

I want to see the list of books.
(in progress)

I will share for each book of this list, a detailed article, in order to see more clearly before any purchase and especially to add to it the interest that each book could have in the practice of horticotherapy.

The floor is yours

What are your favourite books about the garden?

Tell me that in the comments below this article.

I’ll be happy to discover these books.

Original version in french

Access the original version here : « Pourquoi créer une bibliothèque jardin ? »

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